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For leisure group travellers, the Cook Islands are much more than just another destination to tick off on their list of “must visit” places on the planet. Rather, the Cook Islands epitomise all that we think of when we imagine the ultimate holiday experience.

A temperate, tropical, climate with pristine, heavenly-white, coral sand beaches. Waters so inviting you’ll want to spend your days submerged among the dazzling fish life in the enchanting underwater wonderland of its translucent lagoons. A natural beauty matched by the charm of its warm and friendly people, who open their doors in welcome to all visitors to their shores. A pace of life so relaxing it reminds you of everything the rest of the world has lost. Luxurious accommodation and fine dining establishments, along with divine spa and massage treatment facilities. The Cook Islands is a place that refreshes more than just the mind and body. It replenishes and reawakens the soul.

DMCK –Destination Management Cook Islands– knows the needs of the Group Traveler better than anyone, and we can arrange all the ground support requirements at competitive prices for leisure group tours wishing to visit the Cook Islands and experience everything we have to offer.

We can organise all the Hotel or Resort reservations along with transportation and optional tours for any sized group also coming to Rarotonga on private jets. We can arrange Tour Guides fluent in German, Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish and we design tour programs specially tailored to suit each group’s expectations. We also partner with a number of superior quality suppliers to cater for private group gourmet-dining experiences in some of the most sublime settings, and we can arrange for cultural dance performance “Island Nights” to entertain.

DMCK’s friendly, professional staff are always on hand, in case of any emergency to ensure travellers are placed under the least duress during their stay in the Cook Islands. Our policy is to handle all, and take that worry away from you, from start to finish, when you visit us here in the Cook Islands.