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Rarotonga, Our Nation's Capital

A sheltered lagoon protectively encircles the island of Rarotonga, the largest in the archipelago at 67sq km.  Contained within Rarotongas perimeter stands the nations tiny capital of the Cook Islands, Avarua. 

Avarua is also the Cook Islands main port, where scores of cruising yachts can be found moored in the tranquil harbour at different times of the year. Its friendly commercial centre has an unhurried atmosphere to it, yet contains a wide selection of shops, banks, cafes and visitor facilities. Along with a lively Saturday market, well stocked with local produce and crafts. 

The imposing mountain range, Te Manga, stands as a majestic backdrop to the town. In fine weather its lush, emerald-green, forested hillsides, provide a dazzling contrast to the blue skies that hang above it. On other days, its mist-shrouded volcanic peaks rise eerily through the clouds, solemnly piercing the heavens, while the jagged foothills reach down to the coastal fringe where most human settlement can be found. But no matter what kind of day you strike on the island of Rarotonga, you will be captivated by its astounding beauty, and by the hospitable people you meet on its shores.