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Aitutaki, The Jewel Of The Pacific

Aitutaki is without question, home to one of the most spectacular lagoons in the world, and encapsulated within its pristine waters is a dazzling array of marine life. Shades of blue upon blue, Aitutaki’s lagoon is simply indescribable. No words could ever do it justice; you simply have to experience it for yourself!

Less than an hour’s flight from Rarotonga, Aitutaki has an unequalled sense of magic and tranquility about it. The island’s expansive lagoon (45km around) is renowned as one of the world’s most beautiful. From the air, Aitutaki is an unsurpassable vision of paradise, an island mystically floating in a vast empty sea of cobalt blue. The island’s scenic splendor arises from its unique geographic formation, part volcanic and part coral atoll.

“On Aitutaki, time is your friend”

Enclosed within this triangular lagoon the largest landmass, Arutanga, is home to around 2000 residents, and also hosts a range of accommodation from luxury resorts, to boutique and self-catering properties. A string of tiny uninhabited coral islands within the lagoons' boundaries, known locally as motu (islets), complete this scene of picture postcard paradise. Robinson Crusoe could have found a home on any one of these motu, especially “One Foot Island,” a particular favourite setting for romantic weddings in the Cook Islands.

On Aitutaki, time is your friend, and the gentle pace of life here offers you the time to savour each passing moment of peaceful tranquility.