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Rarotonga Amateur Golf Open

Rarotonga Amateur Golf Open

Start Date: 1 January 0001


The Rarotonga Amateur Golf Open is an annual event held on the beautiful tropical island of Rarotonga and is a World Amateur Golf Ranking Tournament.

The competition is held at the well maintained Rarotonga Golf Course which is an 18 hole (2x9 hole) course set amongst beautiful tropical trees and palms across from the picturesque Black Rock lagoon. Playing around the masts and stays of the cable and wireless station contribute to the unique hazards of the course and makes for a truly enjoyable golf experience.

The Rarotonga Amateur Golf Open will commence with an opening BBQ night on where you can mix and mingle with local legends.  

The event is open to all amateur golfers in the following categories: - Senior, Intermediate and Junior Men - Senior and Junior Ladies - Veterans (60+) The Rarotonga Amateur Golf Open is a memorable golfing event and a fantastic opportunity to experience the idyllic climate, friendly hospitality and unsurpassed beauty of the Cook Islands.

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