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The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are a spectacular collection of tropical islands scattered over 2.2 million square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, beckoning travellers from all parts of the world to explore the diversity of its landscapes, and discover people and culture so welcoming most visitors biggest regret is having to leave at the end of their stay.

From richly forested mountains and valleys, to indescribably beautiful palm fringed lagoons, uninhabited coral atolls, a unique and rare tropical environment.  The Cook Islands has also a fascinating traditional culture with people living an uncomplicated, relaxed pace of life. The Cook Islands holds all this, and much more, making it the perfect destination to shrug off all the trappings and pressures of modern living. Find your own deserted place in the sun and lay back basking in its temperate warmth.

There are fifteen islands that make up the Cook’s archipelago which lies in the centre of the Polynesian Triangle. Flanked to the west by the Kingdom of Tonga and the Samoa’s, and to the east by Tahiti and the other islands of French Polynesia. They are a mere 4-hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand, and only 10 hours from Los Angeles. Air Rarotonga, the Cook Island’s national carrier, runs daily connecting services throughout most of the Southern Group islands, while flights to the Northern Group islands are scheduled a little less frequently.

The friendly, relaxed, pace of life offered in the Southern Group of the Cook Islands is second to none. When it comes to hospitality, activities, and world-class accommodation, the Cook Islands offers a sensational environment to relax and enjoy your break in.